Kumari Srimathi Season 1: A Heartwarming Tale About A Female Entrepreneur

Director Gomtesh Upadhye presents an enjoyable story with relatable characters

Kumari Srimathi web series season 1 (Telugu)          

Starcast: Nitya Menon, Gautami, Talluri Rameshwari, Prem Sagar Rajulapati and others guest appearance (Nani )

Direction: Gomtesh Upadhye

Writers: Uday Aghamarshan, Jayanth Tadinada and others

Creator and screenplay: Srinivas Avasarala

Producers: Priyanka Dutt and Swapna Dutt

Production Company: Early Monsoon Tales

Genre: Drama/comedy

No of episodes: 7

Streaming site: Amazon Prime

Contrary to the title of the web series Kumari Srimathi (Nitya Menon) is an unmarried 30 year old woman. The setting of this story is Ramarajulanka. Kumari Srimathi and her younger sister were brought up almost single handedly by their mother Devika (Gautami) and also grandmother Seshamma (Talluri Rameshwari). Keshava Rao (Prem Sagar Rajulapati) is the uncle of Srimathi. Srimathi is fighting a court case regarding an ancestral property that her uncle wants for himself.

In a turn of events the court gives Srimathi the option of buying her uncle’s share of property for 38 lakhs. But that is easier said than done. Srimathi who did hotel management course was working as a floor manager. At this point she decides to set up her own restaurant cum bar in her native village.  Devika is already vexed with her daughter’s adamant nature who refuses to get married and this decision only angers her further. The rest of the story is about the challenges that Srimathi faces in her endeavor of becoming a businesswoman and also whether she is able to win the court case.

Stories of family feud is a beaten to death genre but still Gomtesh Upadhye manages to bring a freshness. The newness comes from how he depicts the journey of Srimathi in establishing her restaurant cum bar. He makes a subtle point about how the society differentiates between man and woman while doing the same business.

The director talks about these things in a non preachy manner. Gomtesh Upadhye also deserves credit for his portrayal of Gautami’s character. She is not particularly happy with her daughter’s decisions. Still she comes around and becomes a strong pillar of support at a crucial juncture.

Kumari Srimathi also boasts of some chuckle worthy sequences. One of these include Gautami day dreaming about the consequences of her daughter’s actions. Prem Sagar playing the semi villain has some hilarious punches as well. For example there are moments where he is confused between his twin sons Mani and Phani. What also brings the house down is his understanding of the word ‘nincompoop’.

There is also a love triangle where Thiruveer’s Abhinav and Nirupam’s Sriram compete for Srimathi’s affections. But this track feels out of place in an almost perfect tale.

Nitya Menon’s character is a huge fan of Nani. Nani has a special appearance at a most unexpected juncture. Nani’s presence is only for a few seconds but as viewers we feel a touch of nostalgia on seeing the Ala Modalaindi Jodi again.


Cinematographer Mohan Krishna does a good job of capturing Ramarajulanka through his lens. Music directors Staccato & Kamran do a fine job with both songs and background score.

Nitya Menon effortlessly gets into the skin of her character. She portrays the courage and vulnerability of Srimathi in an arresting manner. Gautami and Rameshwari also provide solid support. The three of them together are such a delight to watch.

To sum it up Kumari Srimathi is a well made feministic tale that deserves your time.