8 AM Metro

Saw the movie 8:AM Metro on Zee 5. The plot revolves around a homemaker Iravati (Saiyami Kher). She suffers from severe panic attacks; a traumatic incident is the reason. Iravati has a massive phobia of trains. All this changes when she has to make a trip to Hyderabad. Her younger sister is about to deliver a baby. Iravati has no other option other than to navigate the new city while dealing with anxiety attacks. She is also a closeted poet. Gulshan Deviah’s Pritam is a banker who bumps into Iravati at the Metro station.

The beginning portions of 8 AM Metro give the feeling that this is going to be another story of a married woman who will find a companion outside marriage. However as the story progresses the movie moves into an altogether different zone. Director Raj Rachakonda raises some relevant points on the society’s attitude towards mental health along with how they are just asked to be strong. There is a brilliantly executed scene of role reversal where Iravati becomes society and Pritam her. The movie also effectively uses the medium of poetry and literature to give life lessons. An important twist regarding the personal life of Pritam also catches the viewers by suprise. It is one of those twists that the viewers definitely don’t see coming.

Although the movie is engrossing for most part, there are a few logical loopholes which the director should have taken care of. One of them is Iravati spending more time with Pritam than her younger sister who is on the verge of delivering a baby. Also Iravati living in a place which is some distance from the hospital comes across as absurd. Performances wise both Saiyami Kher and Gulshan Devaih are stellar, they also share a wonderful chemistry.

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