Aarya Season 2: A Strong Follow Up To Season 1

Ram Madhvani’s first season of Aarya was an underdog which didn’t have many expectations; however, the Sushmita Sen starrer had surprised many upon its release. Based on the Spanish show Penoza it was a tightly knit emotional thriller. Sushmita Sen’s performance was widely acclaimed and it gave a new lease of life to the actress. Expectations from season 2 were naturally high. Thankfully, Aarya season 2 turns out to be a worthy one for most part. The beginning is a little sketchy but gradually it gets better and better.

For those who haven’t seen season 1 the basic story revolved around a woman who is unaware of the illegal business that her husband is a part of. Things take a turn for the bad when Aarya Sareen’s husband Tej (Chandrachur Singh) dies mysteriously. The drug mafia and the illegal syndicates seek the death of his entire family. The show traced the journey of Aarya in becoming the mafia queen who seeks revenge against those who killed her husband. At the same time she also takes care of her three kids.

Season 2 begins off with Aarya’s father, brother and one more person awaiting their trail for their involvement with the drug mafia. Aarya had given a pen drive to ACP Yonis Khan, the pen drive consists of information regarding the black money trail and also the drug deals with the Russian mafia. Yonis Khan had promised that he would save Aarya from the Russian mafia in exchange for the pen drive. He had helped her to settle down in Australia with her children. However, Aarya has to make a comeback to her native place Rajasthan, the reason being she has to testify against all of them. But things start taking a dark turn when Aarya makes a return back. Aarya has to deal with a family on whom she has zero trust. The reason being their involvement in the death of her husband. Then there is also Udavyeer Shekhawat who wants to avenge his son’s death. He vows that Aarya will pay with her life. This is just the synopsis as many other things are happening simultaneously.

A major part of season 2 is how Aarya’s children are still dealing with the untimely death of their father. Out of the three children Veer (Viren Vazirani) has become a strong support system for his mother and siblings. Through the track of Aaru ( Virti Vaghani) the director deals with the track of depression and substance abuse. Ram Madhavani does a good job in exploring these issues. He is also equally adept in dealing with the character of the youngest son Adi ( Pratyaksh Panwar). These three characters combined give the series some strong emotional moments.

Another big strength for season 2 is the role of other women characters. They have a bigger role here compared to the first season.  A good example of that are the characters of Hina, Rajeshwari and Maya among others. Out of these my favorite character is that of Maya played by Maya Sarao. You feel like applauding Maya for her strong support to Aarya in adverse circumstances. The character of ACP Khan also makes a huge impact. His determination to smash the drug ring is well brought out but the sub plot involving his partner turns out to be an unnecessary add-on.

Lastly, Sushmita Sen continues from where she left off in the first part. She plays a grieving wife, a scared mother and a tough woman dealing with the crime lords. The actress gives the solid performance in all the three shades. She also gets to show her action side in some of the stunts. For example there is a scene in the interrogation room with her hands tied up to the ceiling. There is a bit where she attacks one of the government officials with her legs, it is a brilliantly executed one.

The one slight drawback of season 2 is that it takes time to get into the groove. Some of the scenes involving Aru’s depression and substance abuse could have been trimmed a bit.

In a nutshell, Aarya season 2 will make you eager for season 3.

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