Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Dushyant Kathikeni’s Ambajipeta Marriage band has a heavy hangover of Tamil rustic dramas reminiscent of PA Ranjith and Vetrimaaran films but still this movie makes for an impressive social drama. Suhas once again plays to his strength as a young man from lower caste. He is a barber by profession but also works as a drummer on certain occasions. The sister Padmavathi (Sharanya Pradeep) is a government school teacher who is fierce in nature and doesn’t take things lying down. Things take a dramatic turn when Padmavathi is humiliated by the landlord Venkat ( Nithin Prasanna) leading to a chain of events where the siblings fight back

The storyline of Ambajipeta Marriage band is as old as hills but what it makes it gripping is the narration particularly in the second half. The first half has some cute moments between Suhas and the sister of the village head but the film becomes more engaging in the second half. The director has done a good job in exploring themes of self respect and honour.

Wajid Baig’s cinematography is another plus for the movie. He captures the rustic surroundings well through his lens. Both Sharanya and Suhas also power the film with their performances. Suhas’s role has two shades. One is the lover boy act already seen in Colour Photo and Writer Padmabhushan. But Suhas scores most when he has to show agression. The anger is palpable. Sharanya Pradeep also leaves a lasting impact successfully showcasing the different shades of her role. Nithin Prasanna makes the viewers hate him thoroughly which is the need of the role

Ambajipeta Marriage band can be watched for those who love movies tackling social issues

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