Big Girls Don’t Cry: Successfully Evokes A Sense Of Nostalgia, Particularly For Those Who Attended Boarding Schools

A tighter edit and deletion of some parallel stories concerning the adults would make ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ more cohesive.
Big Girls Don’t Cry (Hindi), 14-03-2024, Drama, 7 episodes, 16+. OTT
  • Main Cast: Pooja Bhatt, Raima Sen, Loveleen Misra, and Afrah Sayed
  • Director: Nitya Mehra, Karan Kapadia, Kopal Naithani and Sudhansu Saria
  • Producer: Ashi Dua Sara and Karan Kapadia
  • Music Director: Amit Trivedi
  • Cinematography: Cherin Paul and Kabir Tejpal
  • Rating: 3/5

Adolescence is a significant part of everyone’s life. Big Girls Don’t Cry, created by Nitya Mehra, primarily focuses on a group of girls from a fictionalised boarding school.

These include Kavya Yadav (Vidushi), Leah Joseph aka Ludo (Avantika Vadanapu), and Noor Hassan (Afrah Sayed), among others.

Pooja Bhatt plays the stern school principal reminiscent of Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Mohabbatein (2000).

There is also Zoya Hussain as the drama teacher.

In simple terms, the story of Big Girls Don’t Cry is about teenage girls grappling with academics, sexuality, classism, equality, etc.


‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ web series is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. (X)

A strong aspect of Big Girls Don’t Cry is the distinct personalities of the seven girls. The writers have penned interesting parts for them all. This makes the show engaging.

The four directors have also succeeded in evoking a sense of nostalgia. Many teenage girls will identify with the characters in more than one way.

Among this group of girls, my favourite track is that of Vidushi’s Kavya Yadav. She plays a scholarship student who is trying hard to fit in with the popular gang of girls. Vidushi delivers a solid performance.

My other favourite character is Dia Mallik played by Akshita Sood. Dia is a rebel who finds defiance and solace in poetry.

She has little interest in conventions and norms. Akshita Sood also deserves brownie points for her wonderful performance.

However, a major problem with Big Girls Don’t Cry is the dragged narrative in the middle portions, particularly after the third episode. The length of the episodes could have been easily trimmed.

Also, a few adult characters have been terribly wasted and don’t add any value to the narrative. The likes of Raima Sen, and Suchitra Pillai feel force-fitted.

The same applies to Dolly Ahluwalia in an unnecessary cameo.


Overall, the performances of the girls are good. There is required rawness and sincerity.

Among the adults, Pooja Bhatt makes a striking impact as the stern principal, who also has a vulnerable side. She exudes a fierce nature without any hiccups.

Zoya Hussain as a drama teacher comes across as a much-needed respite. Some of her conversations with the students make a solid impact.

The musical pieces are another strength of the show. For example, there is the peppy title track by Amit Trivedi. The songs blend well into the narrative.


Big Girls Don’t Cry can be watched, provided you like coming-of-age teen content. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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