Cuckhold: A gripping novel that makes the viewers empathize with Bhoj Raj

Bhojraj Singh Sisodia is best known for being the husband of a reputed poet saint Meerabai, not much information is there about him other than being Meerabai’s husband. Kiran Nagarkar’s cuckhold is a biography of this man set against the backdrop of India in 1600’s.

It is hard to say how much of Kiran Nagarkar’s writing is fiction and how much reality is there. Keeping aside this aspect there is no denying that the writer has given a wholesome perspective of the ruler. The readers come to know about the different qualities of Bhojraj Singh Sisodia. For example, a courageous warrior and also someone who came up with distinctive schemes.

Kiran Nagarkar is successful in transporting the viewers to those times. The description of the war strategies and the ways of gathering information about the enemies’ position is very engaging. What also adds to the book are the numerous philosophical talks which represent the king’s thought process.

The internal battles of Bhojraj and his feeling of bewilderment with lord Krishna being his rival has also been written well. The readers can feel the various emotions that he goes through. Cuckhold is a long book, over 600 pages but for those who like elongated historical fiction it is a must read.

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