Delhi Crime Season 2: An Immersive Investigative Thriller That Perfectly Depicts The Structure Of Caste And Class

The first season of Delhi Crime was a winner on several accounts. It was based on the aftermath of the well known Nirbhaya case. The series was much more than just your typical police hunt down. The plot was narrated from the perspective of DCP Varthika (A brilliant Shefali Shah). The series made subtle comments on the socio-political conditions that we live in, and how these impact the police force. These included mounting public pressure, dealing with protests and even flak from their own family members. Director Richie Mehta showed a very humane and vulnerable side of the police personnel. The pacing of the story was also fast paced. Most importantly it never turned gory, but yet it was heartbreaking without any melodrama.

Not surprisingly Delhi Crime won an award for outstanding series at the international Emmy awards held in September 2020. It was the first ever Indian series to win this award. Shefali Shah also won numerous awards for her performance. Naturally expectations from Season 2 are high. This time around Tanuja Chopra has directed the series, with Richie Mehta being the creative head.

First and foremost those who haven’t seen season 1 can still connect with season 2 like Family Man 1 and 2 seasons. This time around the focus is on a fictionalized version of the crimes committed by a gang called Kachcha- baniyan and the investigations that followed.

This gang terrorized those senior citizens who lived in gated communities. This gang breaks into their homes in the middle of the night. The reason for calling them Kacha-baniyan is their dressing while committing these crimes. All the gang members are dressed in underclothes. They would also smear their bodies with oil, making it difficult to catch them during a chase.

The rest of the story is about how Shefali Shah along with her team captures the culprits responsible for these attacks. Through this murder mystery Tanuja Chopra also touches upon how certain tribes are criminalized without realizing how problematic it is.

The best part of Delhi Crime Season 2 is the subplot highlighting the class issue and how deep rooted it is in our society. The director makes a strong statement about the injustice done to the underprivileged tribes and how the members of these tribes are criminalized. The show talks about the disparity in society which leads to these crimes being committed.

The aspect of social discrimination is brought through Tillotama Shome’s Lata Solanki. Through Lata Solanki, Tanuja chopra and the creative head Richie Mehta make a point about how no one is a born criminal.

The entire police investigation is also layered. It keeps you hooked to the proceedings. The professional and personal lives of these policemen and women are smartly integrated. The constant pressure that Shefali Shah’s Vartika faces from the higher ups to somehow solve the case makes you empathize with her. Equally effective are the other characters led by ACP Neeti Singh (Rasika Dugal). Her journey from a trainee in the first season to an ACP now is also well explored.

Her dynamics with the demanding husband and the scene where she stands up for herself gives the show some of its best moments.

Shefali Shah continues her winning form, she essays the various emotions from exhaustion to anger with her usual brilliance

Needlessly to say that Shefali Shah continues her winning form, she essays the various emotions from exhaustion to anger with her usual brilliance. Rasika Dugal and Rajesh Tailing also stand out as the loyalists of Vartika. Tillotama Shome is another standout performer. She does a brilliant job in portraying the eccentrics of her character.

Final word: Delhi Crime Season 2 is a perfect binge watch for those who love thrillers that show a mirror to society.

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