Drishyam 2: Super Follow Up To Drishyam 1

Sequels are always a tricky business given the expectations of the people and it is very rare that a sequel is as good if not better than the original. Drishyam 2 is one such where it completely lives up to the expectations of those who loved the first part. It is a perfect example of how to make a good thriller. The twists and the turns keep you completely hooked. The climax and the pre climax deserve particular mention.

For those who haven’t seen the first part the plot revolved around a Cable TV operator George Kutty who is leading a happy life with his wife and daughters. Things take a turn for the worse when his family commits an accidental crime and the burden of protecting them and their secret falls on him.

The story of Drishyam 2 begins six years after the incident. George kutty now owns a theatre and also plans to make a movie. The two daughters are also grown up. Anju played by Ansiba Hasan is a subdued college student.  Anu played by Esther Anil is somewhat rebellious. Meena is still the naïve wife who picks on her daughters and isn’t very happy with her husband’s plans. Asha Sharath also reprises her role of ex cop Geeta Prabhakar.

But beneath the normalcy the family is still scarred by what happened in the past. Director Jeetu Joseph paints a realistic picture of the trauma. Anju develops a medical condition because of it. This includes having nightmares and feeling fear whenever she sees the police. Meena’s character is constantly worrying about where her husband had buried the body and someone will find it one day. Whenever her husband goes out of town she asks her neighbor Sarita to sleep with her as she cannot sleep alone. Anu the youngest has kind of moved on.

However it is not just the family which has changed, the people around them have also changed. In the first part the people of the town were rooting for George Kutty’s family horrified by the police actions. This time around they have loosened their tongues. Most of them believe that they indeed committed the crime. What really happened on that day becomes a matter of gossip everywhere. The situation changes when the current IG deploys shadow police officers to get the truth out of George Kutty and his family.

Just like the first part the biggest strength of Drishyam 2 is its writing. It is tough to write a sequel to a story where the crime is the same but Jeetu Joseph does a super job in building up the plot. He also brings freshness to the sequel while retaining the spirit of the prequel.

A suspense thriller is not only about how you begin but it is also about how you end. The courtroom scene in the pre climax mirrors a crucial scene from the first film. Just when you think that Geroge Kutty is going to be punished a new twist shows up where we realize that George Kutty has pulled the rug from under the feet of everyone including the audience.

Drishyam 2 also scores high on emotions. There are many scenes which move you. If the movie has to be summed up in one line it is what the judge tells the IG in the end that both families deserve justice. The director is successful in making you empathize with both Mohanlal and also Asha Sharath, but more with Mohanlal. There are no heroes and villains here.

Mohanlal carries on from where he left off in the first part. He makes George Kutty’s character his own proving once again why he is a legend. The supporting cast also does well but Asha Sharath deserves a particular mention for her performance as a mother who wants her son’s killers to be punished.

In totality Drishyam 2 is a highly satisfying sequel to the first film. 

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