F3: Keeps You Entertained

Among the younger crop of Tollywood directors Anil Ravipudi is someone who has quickly climbed up the ladder of success. From his first film Patas onwards the director has been successful in catering to the masses. His latest F3 is no different from the earlier ones. The film comes with a solo agenda of making the audiences forget the stress of real life. While F2 focused on the trials of frustrated husbands, this one talks about money and people’s greed for it. Much like F2 there isn’t much of a plot but it still keeps you entertained. There are two reasons for this; one is the conviction of the actors and two there is a method to the madness.

Venketash and Varun Tej reprise their roles of Venky and Varun respectively, but this time they are playing two individuals who are always after money. After failing to make it big they come across a video of a rich businessman played by Murali Sharma. He is looking for his lost son. So both Venky and Varun decide to go in as the lost son and inherit the crores of property. But they are not the only ones who are in desperate need of money.

Tammanha’s character also shows up at the place disguised as a male. In addition there is also the character of Vennala Kishore. He is brought there by Rajendra Prasad who has his own motive. The rest of the story is about who the actual son is and what happens to these characters.


A major strength of F3 is the entertainment quotient. Venky suffers from night blindness and Varun has stammering issues. A lot of the film’s humor comes from these two aspects (though it is incorrect to draw fun of these disabilities) Comedy is not something new to Venkatesh. It is something that he has always been good at. Here too the actor brings the house down with his comic timing. There are many inside jokes that make you chuckle. A particular reference must be made to the scene where he talks about his problems to a raging bull. Tears come out from the eyes of the bull after hearing his story. Raghubabu playing the sidekick comments that you can make not just the families but also animals emotional. This is in reference to the family man image of Venkatesh.


In the climax there is an instance where Venkatesh dresses up as Narappa. When Varun asks him about this get up. The actor says that this is for my fans as Narappa didn’t release in theatres.

Varun Tej also gets his share of funny moments. The mannerism that he uses to cover up his stammer raises some chuckle worthy moments.

There is a moment in the climax where Varun Tej dresses up as Vakeel sab and beats the villains. It is one of those inside jokes that bring a smile on your face. Much like F2 here too the chemistry between Venkatesh and Varun Tej is on point. The supporting cast has many players and most of them make their screen time count. Sunil and Ali in particular stand out. Murali Sharma’s serious avatar is in complete contrast to the other characters. In the pre- climax you have an unexpected twist and also an important moral lesson on people’s greed for money, and the things that it makes people do.

One of the things that stick out in F3 is the character of Sonal Chauhan. Her character falls in love with Tammanh thinking he is a male. These portions weren’t at all needed. Also the characters in Tammanh’s family are unnecessarily vilanised. Their greed for money is portrayed with a judgmental tone unlike Venketash and Varun Tej’s

In a nutshell F3 is not for those who are looking for a proper story and logic. It is for those who want a full on masala film with entertainment packed at regular intervals.

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