‘The Black Orphan’ by Hussain Zaidi

I have recently read Hussain Zaidi’s latest The Black Orphan. The novel goes along two tracks. On one hand you have a serial killer who is after India’s most famous nuclear scientists. Running simultaneously to this is a love story between a DIG Ajay Raj Vardhan who falls head over heels in love with a human rights lawyer Asiya Khan. Ajay Vardhan specializes in catching terrorists. She on the other hand constantly challenges the authorities by fighting for those who have been wrongfully arrested. As the story progresses writer Hussain Zaidi spins a gripping concoction of crime and duplicity with enough intrigue that holds the reader’s interest.

The Black Orphan does not have the depth of a Black Friday or the Mafia Queens of Mumbai, nevertheless it makes for an engaging read particularly for those who like action thrillers. An aspect of the book which I liked the most was it showcased a set of women who are both seductive and cold blooded. They use their charm to lure men and get their work done. The book has some unexpected twists particularly in relation to Asiya Khan. The book also works as a race against time with Ajay Vardhan almost losing his life in order to stop the villains. The book is apparently based on real life incidents and would definitely make for an engaging masala potboiler.

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