James by Percival Everett: A terrific reimaging of the novel Huckelberry fin that examines the inhumanness of slavery

The adventures of Huckelberry Fin is one of the most read books in literature. Mark Twain’s creation of both Tam Sawyer and Huckelberry Fin is still remembered fondly for how he showed the evolution of two young lads and their friendship. In the Adventures of Huckelberry Fin there is a peripheral character of an enslaved black man called Jim. Just like Huckelberry Fin he is also someone who is on run albeit for a different reason. Jim overhears that he is about to be sold to a man in New Orleans and as a result get separated from his wife and daughter forever.

In this action-packed reimaging Percival Everett has put Jim at the center and has done a wonderful job in fleshing out what is originally a supporting character. The novel James is not an easy read, terrible things happen to noble people just because of them having a certain skin. There are characters who degrade and take advantage of Jim.

Writer Percival Everett brings out the inhumanness of slavery in a heart touching way. The novel has also got good doses of suspense, this aspect also makes it a very engrossing read. To put it simply James by Percival Everett is a must read particularly for those who like action packed stories with some social consciousness.

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