Karmma Calling: An Impressive Raveena Tandon, But A Feeble Tale Of Revenge

Main Cast: Raveena Tandon, Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, Viraf Patel, and Vikramjeet Virk Director: Ruchi Narain
Producer: RAT films
Music Director: Relish
Cinematography: Bhushankumar Jain
Rating: 2/5

For any revenge drama to work, one aspect is of utmost importance; the viewers should feel a certain tension for the protagonist —whether or not she/he will achieve the goal. There should be moments where the protagonist is on the brink of loss.

For those not aware, the web series Karmma Calling, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is based on an American TV Show called Revenge (2017).

In this desi adaption, Raveena Tandon plays Indrani Kothari. She is a former actress and now a huge socialite in Alibaug. However, her life changes drastically with the entry of a mysterious young girl named Karma Talwar (Namrata Sheth).

The arrival of Karma turns many lives upside down. She has a score to settle with Indrani and the people connected to her.

In simple terms, Karmma Calling focuses on a young girl’s quest for retribution.

Redeeming factors

Namrata Sheth in Karmma Calling
Namrata Sheth in ‘Karmma Calling’. (X)

One of the few redeeming aspects of Karmma Calling is Raveena Tandon’s performance. OTT has opened a new space for senior actresses with author-backed roles; this web show is another example of the same.

Raveena pulls off the grey shades well. She also does well in the scenes showing the fragility of Indirani. Rohit Roy Bose, as Karma’s father, has an extended cameo. He only appears in the flashback, but still, he leaves an impact in the limited screen time.

The cinematography and the costume design are also appropriately glossy.

Director Ruchi Narain does a good job of exploring the politics of high society.

Loopholes in the web series

Varun Sood in Karmma Calling
Varun Sood in ‘Karmma Calling’. (X)

A major problem with Karmma Calling is the badly-written screenplay, particularly in the revenge portions.

For example, Karma is introduced as an orphan who acquires a lot of wealth. But there is no explanation of any shorts about how she ends up with so much money.

Additionally, no information is given about how she maintains a spacious house with no job other than plotting.

Even the scenes of Karma creating havoc in the life of Indrani and those connected to her leave little to no impact. A major reason is the easiness with which she executes her plans.

Namrata Sheth tries her best to rise above the lazy writing, but her rawness as an actor is visible.

The supporting characters also leave a lot to be desired in both writing and performance.

Viraf Patel plays a rich gay man who is a paternal figure for Karma. He is annoyingly over the top.

Varun Sood and Devangshi Sen, as Indrani’s rebellious children, make for good eye candy. But performance-wise, they come across as too stiff.

Final take

This revenge saga is terribly undernourished and can be easily given a miss.

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