Lootere: Jai Mehta makes a respectable debut in this thriller with elements of action and drama

Despite the pacing issues, good performances and the atmospherics make this action-on-the-high-seas web show worth a watch.
Lootere (Hindi), 22-03-2024, Action-Drama, 8 Episodes, 16+, OTT
  • Main Cast: Vivek Gombler, Deepak Tijori, Rajat Kapoor, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Aamir Ali, and Amruta Khanvillkar
  • Director: Jai Mehta
  • Producer: Vishal Chaturvedi and Ruchira Janwalikar
  • Music Director: Achint Thakkar
  • Cinematography: Jall Cowasji
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Published in: Southfirst

Hansal Mehta is a filmmaker who has created a strong niche for himself with content-oriented stories both on the big screen and also the digital space.

Though he has never been part of the big commercial directors club, his name comes with a certain credibility.

Jai Mehta, son of Hansal Mehta, has a big reputation to live to. His maiden attempt at direction — Lootere web series — is noteworthy.

Sure, certain aspects need to be tighter. For instance, the Somalian backdrop could have done with more depth. But still, Jai shows his capability in how he draws some fine performances and also builds up the tension.


Aamir Ali in ‘Lootere’. (X)

The central plot of Lootere is a ship that is hijacked by a group of Somalian pirates.

AK Singh (Rajat Kapoor) is the captain of the ship. He has a tough task in keeping the crew united given the rising tensions among the crew.

Running parallel to this is the track of a businessman played by Vivek Gomber. His character, Vikrant Gandhi, deals in shipping companies.

Vikrant has a secret consignment in that captured ship and he tries to manipulate a big crisis in such a way that it would help him.

What follows is a roller coaster of a journey with various layers and subplots.

A visual feast

Lootere begins on a high and the screenplay starts as fast-paced. But some of the episodes feel drawn out.

Also, the scenes of Vikrant with his wife Avi (Amruta Khanvilkar) could have been fleshed out better.

Jai Mehta along with the writers could have explored the reasons behind Somalia’s very volatile environment with better depth.

However, a stand-out aspect of Lootere is the stunning cinematography. The visuals of the high seas and the action inside the ship make the viewers feel that they are also part of the action.

Additionally, the dusty bylanes of Somalia have a gritty feel.

Cinematographer Jall Coswaji deserves distinction marks for a job very well done.

Boasts brilliant performances

Vivek Gomber in ‘Lootere’. (X)

Much like the protagonists in Scam 1992 and Scam 2003 — both created by Hansal Mehta (he was also the director of the first one), here too, the show features an unlikely hero.

Vikrant Gandhi is someone who is filled with unlimited greed for power and his actions fuel the narrative.

Yes, it is hard to empathise with him, given his actions are the root cause for a lot of destruction that happens. But having said that, he does have a redemption arc too, and Vivek Gomber does a wonderful job of portraying the different shades.

The Somalian Pirates have also been crafted in a detailed manner. Each of them has a specific personality trait that makes them stand out.

A particular mention must be made of Martial Batchamen. His character, Bharkad, has been written with nuances.

He is not a template pirate leader. He is fighting his own battles while managing the group. Martial Batchamen is in excellent form.

The scenes of AK Singh trying his best to keep the spirits of the crew high while maintaining his own give the show some of its best moments.


Watch Lootere if you are a fan of thrillers that have the subject of high jacking or if you are curious to check how Hansal Mehta’s son fares as a director.

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