Miss Perfect Web Series Review: A Farfetched Plot But A Breezy Watch

The show is about how love happens between Lavanya and Rohit and the multiple subplots taking place simultaneously.
Miss Perfect (Telugu)

Main Cast: Lavanya Tripathi, Abijeet Duddala, Abhignya Vuthaluru, Jhansi, Harsha Vardhan, Mahesh Vitta, and Harsh Roshan
Director: Vishvak Khanderao
Producer: Supriya Yarlagadda
Music Director: Prashant R Vihari
Cinematography: Aditya Javvadi
Rating: 2.5/5
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Certain people are obsessed with perfection. They cannot even bear a slight bit of messiness. Not just common people but even big stars have admitted to having OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Director Vishvak Kandero takes this topic in Miss Perfect and mixes elements of the then COVID-19 pandemic.

Lavanya Rao (Lavanya Tripathi) is a HR consultant. She has an obsessive-compulsive disorder for cleanliness and perfection. Lavanya comes to Hyderabad as she has joined a new job. At that time, lockdown is announced, and Lavanya is stuck in her apartment like others. Her maid Jyothi (Abhignya Vuthaluru) stops coming to work.

Rohit (Abijeet Duddala) is Lavanya’s neighbour. He lives in the apartment block opposite her. He is as messy as she is clean. Jyothi also works as a maid for Rohit. She requests Lavanya to inform him that she won’t be coming to work for a while.

Lavanya visits Rohit to inform the same but is shocked at the messiness in his flat. She ends up cleaning his house. In a rather weird turn of events, Lavanya ends up being a maid for Rohit.

Adding to the already chaotic situation, Lavanya’s father Gokul (Harshvardhan) is in a relationship with the apartment president Rajalakshmi (Jhansi). Lavanya has no idea about it. In simple terms, the story is about how love happens between Lavanya and Rohit and the multiple subplots simultaneously.


As mentioned in the heading, Miss Perfect has a farfetched plot which takes some time to digest. Lavanya acting as a maid for Rohit is not only over the top but does not make any logical sense either.

Agree that Lavanya has a passion for cleanliness, but a highly qualified management professional becoming a maid for her neighbour just does not sit well.

Apart from the unbelievable nature of the story, another problem with Miss Perfect is that Lavanya’s OCD is merely used as a plot device for the leads to meet. It does not add much significance to the overall scheme of things.

But once you get past the bizarre nature of the plot, there is a quite bit to enjoy — the love story between Lavanya and Rohit has some cute moments. However, the biggest USP of Miss Perfect is the character of Jyothi and the subplot of her wanting to be a singer. There are many shades to her role, and the actress does a good job.


Abhignya Vuthaluru also shines in the comic bits. Her portions with Harsh Rohan, an aspiring YouTube influencer, leave the viewers in splits. Harshvardhan and Jhansi also have interesting roles, and the actors share a good chemistry. Their interactions bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

Gokul’s dilemma in revealing the relationship to his daughter is well-etched. Lavanya Tripathi as Lavanya does well in pulling off the eccentricities of her role. She skillfully portrays the internal struggle of her character. The actor somehow manages to make the viewers care in spite of the farfetched narrative. Abijeet Duddula is charming as Rohit.

Final take

Miss Perfect is a perfect watch if you are looking for clean entertainment. It is not a web series that would linger in your memory for a long time. But there is enough for fans of light-hearted shows.

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