Mohanlal and Anaswara Rajan’s Neru

Jeetu Joseph’s Neru is no Drishyam. There are no big twists and turns here. The plot is set up within the first ten minutes. A blind girl Sara (Anaswara Rajan) is sexually assaulted by an intruder who turns out to be a cliched spoilt brat. In spite of being blind Sara is a skilled sculptor. Mohanlal plays a not so confident lawyer Vijaymohan who eventually gets back his rhythm. The legendary actor perfectly blends into the narrative and plays his supporting role to perfection.

Siddiqui and Priyamani also make for competent adversaries. However the best bits of the film belong to Anaswara Rajan. Her character of Sara has been designed with the right mixture of vulnerability and braveness. Through her role Jeetu Joseph talks about how a rape victim should not hide behind a veil and let that dark chapter define her existence. Jeetu Joseph also does a brilliant job in showcasing the grit of a blind girl. Her eyes not functioning does not make her any less of a human being. Sara has other senses that make up for what she lacks. Anaswara Rajan does an outstanding job and more than holds her own opposite these seasoned actors. (Streaming site Disney+Hotstar)

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