My Short Take on Bramayugam

Yesterday watched a Malayalam movie Bramayugam on Sonyliv directed by Rahul Sadhasivan. Without giving much away Bramayugam is set in 17th century of Kerala. A Dalit singer Thevan (Arjun Ashokan) loses his way in the forest and ends up finding a dilapidated mansion where only two men stay Kodumon Poti (Mammootty) and the cook played by Sidharth Bharathan. Keeping in the tradition of the horror movie genre this is a mansion with many secrets. Initially Thevan’s stay is pleasant but things start going tipsy turvy soon.

One of the aspects that I liked about Bramayugam was how Rahul Sadhasivan mixed elements of folklore and religion. The movie also gets into a political zone about dialogues regarding oppression of lower caste and how the desire for power corrupts anyone whether you are rich or poor.

Technically Bramayugam is a solid product. The cinematography and sound design in particular deserve praise. Shehnad Jalal’s black and white cinematography is a treat to watch and the sound design enhances the horror.

Lastly the performances are also fine. Mammootty has shown the passion to constantly reinvent himself and Bramayugam is another fine example of that. The actor chews the scenery and terrifies the viewers with just his body language. Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Bharatan are also fine in their respective parts.

A major problem with the movie are its post interval portions after the big reveal. The screenplay starts stagnating without much to look forward to. Rahul Sadhasivan’s Bhoothakaalam kept the viewers thoroughly engaged till the end but this doesn’t. Another issue with the film are the logical loopholes particularly regarding the character of the cook. This cook uses Thevan for his own purpose. Why he waits for such a long time is not clear.

Also we are shown that Kodumon Poti is someone who knows everything but when it comes to the cook’s background Kodumon Poti is shown to be surprised when his lineage is revealed. At the beginning of the film we have a Yakshi played by Amalda Liz but her purpose of seducing and killing men is an absolute blur

To sum it up Bramayugam has some strong points but it leaves it with you more questions than answers.

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