Slumdog Millionaire

Recently I have read the book Slumdog Millionaire written by Vikas Swarup. I do not have many memories of the movie based on the book except for the Anil Kapoor portions, however I personally feel that the book is more superior in terms of how it juggles between the past and present of Ram Mohammad Thomas a boy from slums who goes on to create history by winning a game show.

Vikas Swarup does a lot of back and forth, at times it does become hard to follow the storyline given that the character of Ram Mohammad Thomas goes through many stages. But still the story holds your interest. Through the central character Vikas Swarup has touched upon the deep-rooted issue of the illegal child labor which destroys the lives of our future generation. There are disturbing scenes in the book where we see children being blinded.

The other societal evils touched upon are domestic violence, police torture etc. The final chapter though ends with a lot of hope for our protagonist in a truly filmy manner. The novel hasn’t got much romance unlike the movie where the love story played a key role however it has to be said that the readers don’t feel the need for romance. The life experiences of Ram Mohammad Thomas and how it helps him in winning the quiz is more than sufficient to keep the audiences engaged.

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