The Freelancer-The Conclusion: Tame Ending Plays A Spoilsport In This Otherwise Gripping Rescue Drama

Mohit Raina delivers an explosive performance. Kashmira Pardeshi effortlessly brings out various emotions of fear, hope, and vulnerability.

Has its issues but you’ll enjoy!

The Freelancer The Conclusion (Hindi)

  • Cast: Kashmira Pardeshi, Mohit Raina, Anupam Kher, and Ayesha Raza
  • Director: Bhav Dhulia
  • Producer: Neeraj Pandey
  • No. of episodes: 3
  • OTT platform: Disney+ Hotstar

For those who haven’t seen the first season of The Freelancer, the story is primarily about a newly married girl struck in ISIS-controlled Syria. The web series is based on the novel “A Ticket To Syria” by Shirish Thorat.

Alia (Kashmira Pardeshi) is manipulated by her husband and in-laws and taken to Syria. She does not know the real identity of her new family.

However, after a while, Alia realises that the terrorist outfit has brainwashed her husband and in-laws.

On the other hand, ex-police officer-turned-mercenary Avinash (Mohit Raina) shares a close bond with Alia from her childhood. He takes it upon himself to bring her back from Syria, no matter the dangers involved.

Avinash instils confidence in Alia to hang in there and not lose hope.

And now, The Freelancer —The Conclusion, the second season of The Freelancer, is about how Avinash carries out this dangerous operation with the help of his friends and fights his inner demons.


The Freelancer The Conclusion poster
A poster of ‘The Freelancer-The Conclusion’. (DisneyPlusHS/X)

A strong aspect of The Freelancer —The Conclusion is the technical department.

The production values of the web series are fantastic.

The recreation of ISIS-controlled Syria has an authentic feel.

The action sequences have been well choreographed.

Director Bhav Dhulia is also successful in maintaining a good pace.

Of course, Alia gets eventually rescued, but you are still tense about how she will come out safe. There is one moment in particular when everything seems lost, and the viewers feel tense about the safety of Alia.

Unlike the first season, the scenes of Avinash and his wife (played by Manjari Fadnnis) suffering from the aftermath of their son’s death have come out much better.

A good example is the scene where the husband and wife finally find closure and decide to move on.

Mohit Raina & Kashmira Pardeshi are show-stealers

The Freelancer The Conclusion web series
‘The Freelancer-The Conclusion’ web series is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. (DisneyPlusHS/X)

The character arc of Anupam Kher, who plays the mentor-cum-guiding force of Avinash, has not seen any growth. But still, the senior actor has a pleasing presence.

It is Mohit Raina and Kashmira Pardeshi who majorly shoulder the acting department.

Mohit Raina delivers an explosive performance both in action scenes and serious ones.

Kashmira Pardeshi carries off from where she left in the first season without hiccups. She effortlessly brings out various emotions of fear, hope, and vulnerability.

What does not work for The Freelancer — The Conclusion is the staging of the final operation. Here, the director makes it look like an absolute cakewalk.

Also, the show needed some good emotional moments between Avinash and Alia after the final rescue.

From the beginning, the viewers are made to believe that this rescue operation is personal for Avinash. But that does not come across strongly in the final portions due to the sketchy writing.


The Freelancer — The Conclusion has its issues, but there is enough to enjoy, especially if you are a fan of Neeraj Pandey.

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