Dear Alia… A Love Letter From Your Fan

I still vividly remember the day 19th October 2012

It was the release of Student of The year

At that point I had no idea that you will become a part of my world

In spite of not having a lot of screen time you stormed through my heart

Your cuteness mixed with beauty bowled me and many others too

With Highway you became one of my favorite actresses

I have never missed any of your films whether they are good or bad

It is almost ten years and each of them has been a loving memory.

I have watched most of your films on repeat mode and  never felt tired re watching them again and again.

One of the qualities that I admire in you is your mental strength.

I still remember the short film Genuis of the year after the debacle of Coffee with Karan

It was not just a short film but it was also a statement on how you can take a joke on yourself.

There are many times Kangana Ranaut has attacked you but you have always dealt with it in a dignified manner.

With Coexist you made me more interested in nature

The day when I got the Coexist cup it was one of the best moments in my life

It is my most treasured possession.

Due to Coexist influence I also brought home a hibiscus flowerpot

I also developed the habit of reading to trees and petting them like dogs and cats.

Your personality reflects not just in your films but also in Ads

I love Manyavar Ads particularly the last one on Kanyamaan

It questioned the practice of Kanyadaan in a simple but effective manner

You have conquered many hearts with characters that have had the right mixture of vulnerability and strength particularly the latest one Gangubai Kathiawadi.

 Thank you so much for noticing my videos on you

The profile video that I made on you will remain one of my best videos

My admiration for you is never ending

Cheers to many more years Alia.

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