Hostel Days: Entertaining And Relatable, Particularly To Hostelites

Without deviating from the usual tropes associated with this genre, director Aditya Mandala makes it an engaging watch.

Director Aditya Mandala’s Hostel Days narrate the tale of six engineering students and the various experiences that they go through in their hostel life.

At the centre of this story are Sai (Darahas Maturu), Chitharanjan Bhattacharya (Mouli) and Naveen Yadav (Akshay Lagusani). The series primarily focuses on bullies in the hostel, last-minute preparation for exams, falling in love, etc.

Without deviating from the usual tropes associated with this genre, Aditya Mandala makes it an engaging watch.


Campus dramas have their own magic irrespective of what age bracket the viewers are in. The best thing about it is, as expected, the camaraderie that the director creates between the three men. It feels organic.

There are also certain subplots which deserve a mention. These include body shaming and the love-hate relationship between parents and teenagers. They, too, are dealt with sensitively.

This web series also benefits from the witty anecdotes given by the college staff appearing at crucial junctures.

For example, there are the cameos of Jhansi and Rajeev Kanakala. These special appearances have been smartly integrated.


The acting, across the board, is quite impressive.

Darahas Maturu as Sai brings in the required innocence.

Mouli Tanuj as the wise Geek is also in fine form.

However, Akshay Lagusani steals the show with his uninhibited acting.

Among the female leads, Jaiyetri Makana shines the brightest as a youngster who is on the path of self-discovery.

Nevertheless, one major issue with Hostel Days is the hangover of 3 Idiots (2009) in the ragging portions. Though it works as a bonding tool between the three friends, the lasting after-effects of such bullying also needed to be exposed.

Final take

In all, Hostel Days makes for a breezy watch, particularly if you are in the mood for something light-hearted.

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