Tharagathi Gadi Daati

“Targati Gadhi Dati” directed by Malik Ram is a remake of a Hindi series called “Flames”. The film doesn’t break any new boundaries as far as the plot is concerned but it is still watchable thanks to the lead characters and also the nativity touch that the director gives.

The story of this series is about Krishna aka Kittu( Harshith Reddy). He falls in love with Jasmine (Payal Radhakrishna). In order to impress her Kittu joins tuition as she is interested in studies. However the dreams of Kittu is different as he is more interested in becoming a chef than studies.

The rest of the story is about how Krishna and Jasmine get together, fall apart and finally what helps them get together.

What works best for the series is the innocence of teenage love portrayed through the lead characters. Director Malik Ram is successful in making the youngsters connect to the love story of Krishna and Jasmine. It also helps that the lead actors are in perfect sync. Payal Radhakrishna in particular stands out.

Another good thing about the series is the friendship bond between the characters of Harshith Reddy along with Nikhil Devadula and Snehal. The contrasting nature of these three characters is interesting to watch.

For example Krishna is some who is reserved, shy and initially comes across as someone who is not comfortable before girls. Nikhil Devadulu’s one on the other hand is shown to be an extrovert guy who is game for everything. Both Nikhil and Snehal work well in their respective parts.

The supporting characters don’t have much to do but the character of Krishna’s father who is also a teacher gets a decent part. Raman Bhargav does a good job in his role.

Cinematographer Monish Bhupati Raju effectively captures the locales of Rajahmundry and its surrounding areas.

The music and the background score are also pleasant. They make for a good hear.

In a nutshell “Tharagati Gadhi Daati” doesn’t offer anything new for those who are looking for something different but if you are in a mood for some breezy romance give it a try.

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