Aditya KV’s “Unheard” is a series which packs in a lot. It addresses many issues like the ideological standoffs between the revolutionaries, differences centred on the rule of Nizam, varied opinions on the British rule and Indians who supported them as well as the dichotomy of individuals who are against the mighty empire. It is a lot to focus on but to the credit of the director he goes a good job of keeping you invested.

The series starts off with an idealistic young Gandhian Padma (Chandini Chowdary). She seeks help for an injured comrade played by Priyadarshini. Padma takes the help of doctor Chalapati (Bala Aditya). The night passes with Padma and Chalpati debating the benefits and banes of Nizam rule along with the price of freedom. The next episode is about a heated argument between two revolutionaries with different ideologies. Apart from Priyadarshini this episode also features Ajay who plays a blacksmith called Mallesh. Both of them want freedom for the country but the approaches are different. The rest of the episodes mostly bring back the familiar characters. Through the six episodes you have six different themes being talked about.

The biggest USP of Unheard is the way it introduces the struggle in Hyderabad on the eve of Indian independence. The director refers to many aspects of that time which aren’t really talked about. For example you have the topic of Vetti Chakiri (bonded labour), a system which exploited the poor peasant. The angst in the populace comes out perfectly in a scene when Padma questions how the killing of an Archbishop in Europe concern India.

The history of Hyderabad is something which is important at this stage. The reason being the BJP are trying to make their way in the southern state with their own lopsided version of events. Unheard makes an honest attempt at presenting different points of view: This includes the aristocracy which wants the status quo and the young rebels demanding freedom.

The makers also deserve praise in the way they present the conversations. The series is heavy on dialogues as the characters are frequently in the midst of letting out their points of view. The dialogues by Aditya KV and Anirudh are powerful. These dialogues aid the performances of the actors and also the script.

All the cast members are in good form led by Baladitya. His character is the most interesting of the lot. Technically also Unheard is a pretty solid product with particular mention to the background score. The background score lends in the right amount of emotion.

Where the show suffers somewhat is the stage like atmosphere. It takes some time to get used to this kind of presentation. Also the handling of the diverse plotlines could have been better at some places.

Unheard is a good watch particularly for those who are interested in history.

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