Kafeel Khan autobiography: A gripping real-life story that gives a deep insight into the medical crisis

Recently I have read a heart touching autobiography of a doctor who was suspended on the charges of medical negligence and corruption among other things. Dr Kafeel Khan went great lengths in order to procure oxygen cylinders in the year of 2017. He rallied the staff and did an incredible job in controlling the health care crisis. After being hailed as a hero the situation took a drastically different turn for both Kafeel Khan and nine more individuals.

As mentioned above Kafeel Khan’s autobiography is a deep dive into the various problems concerning the health care sector. He has given as many details as possible from his personal experiences, as a result the book comes across as authentic making the readers think and worry about the future of health care. A particular mention must be made of how he describes the shortage of Oxygen. The readers feel that they are watching the situation firsthand.

Through his writings Kafeel Khan has also touched upon the dangers of hate campaigns, how this hate campaigns can destroy both families and communities. How the media social and mainstream play a major role in escalating hatred has been elucidated in great detail.

The book also makes you salute the moral strength of Kafeel Khan. In spite of suffering so much his major concern is about the lives that have been lost and how more lives can be saved. He never gets into a communal debate regarding that incident.

Kafeel Khan’s autobiography leaves the readers with many thoughts not just about what Kafeel Khan had to go through, but the system of health care in general which is such an important part of our daily lives.

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